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Minnesota Wood Carvers Association Membership Registration for 2016-2017 Mail-in Form (pdf format)

Metro Chapter Annual Picnic will be held June 10, 2018 at Mary Ann Young Senior Center, starting at 12 pm. Brats, plates, and silverware will be provided. Bring a dish to pass around.

2014 Metro Show pictures


Metro Woodcarver's Nativity Set for Mary Ann Young Senior Center  Metro Woodcarver's Nativity Set for Mary Ann Young Senior Center


Blue Mound Woodcarvers Make Their 7th Annual Visit to SYS  Southwestern Youth Services Notes & News


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Minnesota Wood Carvers Association

      The Minnesota Wood Carvers Association was founded in 1964 in Minneapolis, MN. After just two meetings, the eight members grew to fifty and became charter members. The first years the MWCA was centered in Minneapolis and as time passed many new members joined the MWCA from around the state. In short, five chapters where formed and now the MWCA has members throughout the state and are in the process of adding new members and chapters. MWCA's membership continues to grow instate and around the world. MWCAs membership is comprised of carvers, young and old, beginners to established professionals. We come from all walks of life, each with his or her own talent. Each with their own way of bringing life out of a piece of wood, whether it be by chip carving, relief carving, caricature carving etc. From birds to fish, flowers to mammals, from 1 inch to 6 foot all have the same common kinship. Love of the worlds oldest form of art, the willingness to share their perspective talent, with fellow carvers and the world. The comrade and fellowship is enjoyed by all who attend our monthly chapter meetings. Life long friendships and treasures are shared and enjoyed by all.
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If you have any comments or need additional information Contact JD at mnCarvers@MinnesotaWoodCarvers.com