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September 19, 2011
October 17, 2011
November 21, 2011
December 19, 2011

December Meeting Minutes and Clown Carving

January 16, 2012  Show and tell  Meeting notes
May 21,2012

The club meets from Sept thru May on the 3rd Monday evening of the month at 7:00 pm at the Whitney Senior Center on Northway Drive. [except Jan & Feb - alternate dates are selected].
We also host three or four weekend workshops during each year. We meet in the Whitney Wood Shop for these carving sessions.
We have an extensive club library. Members can check out materials to use on their own time and return for someone else to use. There are many carving books and reference books shared by all of us.

Hey all you patch collectors! The Central Minnesota Woodcarver's Association has patches available for you to purchase. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with $5.00 to:

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CMWCA members who worked on this project are from the left: Gen Jansen, Bob Rosenberg, Lee Eisenschenck, Elaine Stenman,Brad Knowles, Carol Pearson, Bill Larson, Alice Larson, Jack Pearson,Joan Rathbun, Fred Stenman, and Ken Rainier.
The St Cloud (Central Minnesota) Area Hospice Program has an annual fundraiser to support the needs of people in their final days. This event is held each year on the first weekend of December at the Holiday Inn. It indudes a dinner, dance, entertainment, and a silent auction of art work.
Our local woodcarver organization became involved about 8 years ago. The first several years we donated trees decorated in various themes. We completed a "Noah's Ark", "Cabin up North", an "Angel tree" and several others.
Three years ago, Ken RainIer suggested that we do a village scene. Fred Stenman, our own sketch artist, was called upon to do a preliminary drawing. He used some of Ken's ideas and the club voted approval and work began. It took two full years to complete. The finished work is approximately five feet long and nearly two inches thick. It is comprised of many sections, each inch thick, worked t~ fit together. T here are about eight layers~, and each section was carved separately by a different carver. When the entire piece had been carved, some members got together to do the final painting and finishing. The twelve members of the club that did the carving and paintIng are in the photo.
Meantime, we did not have a project to donate for the 2003 Holly Ball. It was suggested that we do a large wreath. This art brought in $350.00.
Now back to 2004, Ken worked hard in caring for and transporting the village scene to meetings, shows, and for the display in downtown St Cloud. It went for $2000.00 at the Holly Ball and is permanently on a cherry paneled wall in a St Cloud residence. (Ken even installed it for the winning bidder.)
Next year, it is back to wreaths. And as easy at that was, we will do two of them this time and are beginning the ornaments now.
hollyball1 (17K)

stcloudq (54K)
This project was designed and completed by Central Minnesota WoodCarvers Assn. Members located in St Cloud, MN. A beautiful pictorial history of the St Cloud Area "Then and Now". This is beautifully done and a tribute to those members and the art of relief carving. A "Must See" if you are in the area. This is on permanent display at the Whitney Senior Center, St Cloud MN.
President: Curt Hutchens 320-339-0041
Vice President: Bill Ness 320-293-8599
Secretary: Mark Scholer (320) 251-9106
Treasurer: Al Gerads 320-252-3018
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