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2014 Metro Wood Carving Show Photos

Once a year Metro Chapter of the Minnesota Woodcarvers has a show. The purpose of the show is two fold:
1. To show off our carvings. Our members are not into woodcarving to sell but to have a hobby. In order to sell you have to make something fast (it is not uncommon to take a year working part time on a carving). To sell you have to work at it. You have to carve something the customer wants to buy, maybe not what you want to carve. We do sell sometimes. It is a bonus to carve something which someone wants. We also carve for the challenge. You put 60 hours into a carving you either keep or give it to someone who knows the value, or enjoys it.
2. Introduce the public to wood carving in hope we can help others to begin carving. The reason for our club is to help each other and help people who want to learn.
The 2014 show marked the 48th year of having a show and the 49th year of the club. As you look at the carvings keep in mind that these are our better ones. The so-so ones are at home. We store away or display them around the home. When we have a bad day carving or it seems like we aren't improving, we take out our earlier work. Some of our earlier carvings are pretty bad. Many of our carvers have over 20 years of practice to get where they are today. At least one has 49 years and he help start the club.
Metro Show 2014

Metro Chapter of the MWCA

Need additional information e-mail at
Metro Chapter Meetings: 2th Sunday of the Month at 2:00 pm.
Mary Ann Young Senior Center
9150 Central Avenue
Blaine, MN
(north-west side of highway) MN65 and US10
   March - No March Meeting due to show
   March 14-15, 2020 Metro Show Northtown Mall, March 14 1pm, Minnesota Wood Carvers Association Meeting
   March 24, 2020 Beginners Class (See Note 1)Registration Form
   April 19, 2020 Auction(See Note 2)
   May - No Meeting because of Mother's Day
   June 14, 2020 Picnic at Mary Ann Young Senior Center Bring dish to share Metro Chapter Annual Picnic starting at 12 pm. Brats, plates, and silverware will be provided.
Meeting times are subject to change due to holidays, Senior Center scheduling and such, We will try to keep the web page up to date.
note 1: See classes and event page for more information as we get closer to March.
note 2: After the meeting we will have an auction, if you have anything related to wood, tools, carvings, and such and wish to donate it, please bring it in. The money raised will be use for the club operating cost. Due to Easter, meeting will be the 3rd Sunday (April 19, 2020)

Metro has four open carving session each week.
You do not need to be a member to attend the carvings sessions. Open to all ages.

     Tuesday evening - Mary Ann Young Senior Center, Blaine, MN 7-9 PM .
     Wednesday morning - Ham Lake Senior Center, Ham Lake, MN 10 am - 12 noon
     Wednesday afternoon - Mary Ann Senior Center, Blaine, MN 1-3 pm
     Thursday afternoon - Coon Rapids Civic Center at City Hall, 1-3 pm
We welcome all levels of carvers. We do have a beginner's package for sale for you to get started in woodcarving.
President: Ron Kincaid 763-427-6131
Vice President: Bruce Christofferson 612-475-9606
Secretary: Lee Olson 612-750-4041
Treasurer: Wes Spadgenske 763-757-5377
Web Site in the process of being updated, Please check back often to see the changes
If you have any comments of need of additional information e-mail JD at